Upcoming R&B artists for 2016

Anyone who says good music is dead is, simply put, vastly uninformed. In fact, there has never been a better time for music than now as loads of people who would never have access to a broad audience are now waiting to be discovered. The internet is a fantastic tool, but one has to know how to yield it correctly, and that is especially true for YouTube. Even though you might need the patience of a saint to find them, some of the best up-and-coming R&B artists of the world are on YouTube right now, waiting for their moment to shine. Others, like the artists we have listed here, have already started to make their mark on the world which is why you should start following them now, in the beginning, when everything is still new and fresh.


A singer-songwriter who lives out her songs, Abra has been an artist at heart ever since she was a little kid. After moving away from London at the age of 8, Abra had to learn how to be comfortable with being different. Thankfully for us, she accepted the challenge and started performing covers as well as songs that she wrote on her guitar.

Abra, who has adopted the appropriate title of the Dark Wave Duchess, has had a long history of music. Search hard enough and you will find her old YouTube videos with dozens of covers from many different genres. Thankfully, her fans were not the only ones who appreciated her talent as Awful Record’s Father took an interest as well. After contacting and meeting with her, Abra started collaborating with other members of the group until she released her Rose’, her first album. Her sound, which is a unique mix of R&B, soul, and 80s pop, is guaranteed to pique your interest. With a combination of musical talent and lyrics reminiscent of the darkest black comedies, Abra’s upcoming tracks will hopefully be as surprising, haunting, and entertaining as anything she has done until now.


As their name suggests, WSTRN is an English group from West London featuring Akelle Charles, Haile, and Louis Rei. Though they originally started as independent artists, the group found incredible success with their debut single and decided to focus on the collective, at least for the time being.
In2, their first single, became an instant sensation in the UK. Now, the collective is ready to represent West London in the R&B scene, and it looks like they will do it with a bang. While the group has not released a lot of music so far, everyone should be excited about the stuff they are currently working on, at least, if their previous work is any indication. The R&B scene has not seen a group like this in a decade. And no, supergroups do not count. If there is anything that their collaboration with Rita Ora and Pixie Lott can tell us, it is that WSTRN has a bright future ahead of them. For now, their few singles and remixes will have to keep you busy until the collective is ready to unleash new music onto the world.


Raised between Atlanta and North Carolina, PJ has been in the music scene for a very long time. She also experienced a fantastic 2015 which luckily brought her music to the foreground. A rare combination of realism and hope is what separates her from the crowd in an instant.

While you may not have heard of PJ before, there is a pretty good chance that you have heard one of her songs. The singer has already worked with major artists such as Wiz Khalifa and Lupe Fiasco, the latter of which also worked on her single ‘Say’. Her lyrical content, combined with a hauntingly beautiful voice and music that eerily reminds us of popular pop-leaning R&B tracks of the 90s along with bass-heavy backtracks, continues to place PJ in the spotlight. In addition to all that, PJ continues to surprise us with every new release, changing her sound to fit the context and content she is trying to convey. Covering everything from dark themes to more whimsical affairs, PJ has already proven her talent, and I am willing to bet that 2016 will introduce her to, even more, people as she explores her music and shares it with the world.

How to Make an RnB Song that Absolutely Destroys Every Single Time

People can express themselves in different ways. One could draw, sing, write poems, write books or anything that allows them to tell their story. So much can be derived from one’s creative and artwork. If you would like to express yourself through an R&B song, then you might be in the right place. Here, you are going to learn how to make an R&B song. Check out the steps below:

Start with a rhythm or a pre-produced track you feel in your head

You can use an electric keyboard to create your tracks. If you want something that is more official, go online and pull instrumentals from there and have them looped onto your computer. For example, if you use Mac, you can be lucky to use the Garage Band in coming up with your track. Look for one that fits your song mood and create it. Starting with a track is good because you can let your lyrics and rhythm creativity follow the track to ensure the consistency of your song flow.

Focus on using metaphors and similes

For a clear imagery, remember to use metaphors and similes in the song lyrics. If it is an R&B song, you need to go to an extra mile and show clearly what you mean and how you mean it in the song. For example, telling a person you love them is not enough, let them know how much you madly love them with similes and metaphors. If you say you love somebody in the song, one would ask you, “Who doesn’t love?” Like everybody loves and so specifying how much you love that person makes your lyrics stands out. For example, “I love you so much” can’t be compared to “I love you more than I love my breath.”

Make the chunk of the song have the same rhythmical flow

Your verses and hook should have the same rhythmical flow. Check that the flow is the same so that you do not deviate from the rhythm of the song you established in the first step. This reminds you that step one is very important in making your rnb cover song.

Start writing the hook

The hook is the part of the song that is repeated throughout the composition. It should be a series of lines or a short phrase that can be remembered easily and sticks in the audience’s head. It is like the summary of your song. It is the most difficult part to write, and so a lot of efforts should be put on this stage. Once you have it written down, all the other components of your song will play off it.

For more on writing hooks, check out this blog post.

Write first verse

After the hook, write the lyrics of the first verse and let them play off the overall theme of the hook. Your lyrics should add depth to the hook and support it.

Compose second verse

Also, your second verse should support and add depth to your hook. Let your second verse have the same rhyme and some lines as your first verse for rhythmical flow and consistency.

Write the bridge

You can compare this with the conclusion of a paper. It is a way of wrapping up your song before going for final repetitions of the hook and then the outro. A bridge is supposed to deviate in tempo from the other parts of the song. For example, for an upbeat song, come up with a bridge that sort of slows it down.

Arrange your pieces

Put your pieces in order, from verse one, hook, verse two, hook, bridge to and then a hook. Depending on how long your song is, your final hook can be repeated twice before singing the outro. If you have a third verse, you can decide to have it directly after the bridge before having the final hooks of your song.

You can write either an intro or ad lib to your song

An intro comprises of a series of verbal statements that come before the beats start. It is a way of buying time as you wait for beats to drop the first verse and also helps you to set and get into the mood of the song before it starts.

Write an outro

This comes after the last hook is repeated. You can choose to or not to write an outro though it can be an exciting element in your song if you choose to. It is a way of expressing you final feelings and thoughts about your song. It should fade out with the track.

Hook up With an RnB Artist

If you don’t have the ability to sing the song your self, you should probably see if you can get an RnB artist to demo the song for you.  One way to approach that is to try and make friends with an R&B singer , alternatively you can pay someone to demo it.  The chose is yours.

If you don’t have money to pay someone up front, you might have to give them a piece of the royalties that you might make later down the road.

Copyright your song

Though this comes after the song is already done, it is still an important step. You need to protect your rights as the creator of the song. Once you have done it, register it at a Copyright Office to ensure that nobody tries to steal your song or to infringe your intellectual property rights.

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